Do you know where your donation is going?

However much you’re giving, to whichever organization, chances are your donation could be going a lot further.

Running a non-profit is more challenging than ever. Stiff competition for funding and radically new modes of communication have added layers of complexity, affecting even the smallest charitable organizations. NextDor has developed an integrated program of live events, consulting, and online community — all designed to give social entrepreneurs the support and the tools they need to thrive in today’s environment.

Our speakers, trainers and consultants are noted experts in the areas of management, marketing, fund raising, and programming — people whose successes you read about in books.

The Role of our Funders

Few of our clients would be able to afford the kind of top tier, comprehensive support NextDor provides if they had to pay the real costs. Our visionaries work with them for vastly reduced fees to help them succeed and grow. But we still need your help.
We’re looking for the same relationship that “seed and angel funders” have with innovative start-ups. Our funders enable these social entrepreneurs to benefit from the cutting edge support that can make their organizations more effective and sustain the social impact of their activities. Your donation to NextDor’s programs effectively multiplies the impact of every dollar of support they receive.
Many of our funders have made a gift of NextDor membership to an organization they already support. It’s their way of saying, “I believe in your work and want you to be able to do even more.”
As a supporter, you will become a member of the NextDor community. You will be invited to all our events and see first-hand how NextDor can accelerate the growth of the organizations you care most about.

2016 Funding Opportunities

Founders Group 100k
NextDor Angel 25k
NextDor Funder 5k

Sponsorships for NextDor programs and individual events are available

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