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Our Valuable Mentors

Leah Aharoni
Leah AharoniSmall Business Coach
Leah Aharoni helps small business owners and non-profit managers create income and impact by focusing on their unique life mission and translating it into reality with actionable plans and tools for success. With over 15 years of hands-on business experience, an MA in Organizational Psychology, and penetrating Torah-based insights into human motivation and action, she helps clients articulate their passion, attract more customers, and work in a systematic, organized way.

Leah speaks extensively at entrepreneurial and professional events, sharing both words of inspiration and innovative yet simple-to-implement business building strategies. She writes a column on business development for Pnima/Hallel, a popular Hebrew women’s magazine, and blogs at the Times of Israel, AllBusiness.com, and LoveYour.Biz.

Eli Beer
Eli BeerPresident of United Hatzalah
Eli Beer is the Founder of United Hatzalah of Israel and President of U.S. based organization Friends of United Hatzalah. United Hatzalah of Israel is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer emergency medical services organization that provides fast and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel.
Eliezer Blatt
Eliezer BlattFounder of Eli Blatt Speaker Training
Eli Blatt is an internationally recognized expert communication skills authority, public speaking trainer, seminar leader and virtual speech coach. Leading organizations, executives and professionals hire Eli to transform the way they communicate through content-filled, interactive and entertaining workshops, seminars and one-on-one training. Eli earned his BA with honors in Communication/Professional speech and then spent 6 years as part of award-winning television production teams such as The Cosby Show, MTV and Reading Rainbow. Some of the organizations that Eli works with include Lakewood Yeshiva’s executive staff (BMG), Aish HaTorah International, Ner LeElef, Yeshiva University, NCSY, AJOP, Hasbara Fellowships,The Jerusalem Kollel, The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP), Jerusalem U and Torah Live.
Sylvain Blumenfrucht
Sylvain BlumenfruchtInternational Relations co-ordinator
Sylvain, Belgian born and UK educated, is a businessman with a varied and vast experience and multi lingual.

Through his life experiences and contacts he has now decided to get involved in facilitating and encouraging the Israeli Chareidi youth to acquire the tools and necessary experience to go out and work to allow them to financially survive and still remain true to their roots, by remaining genuine Benei Torah. This is achieved through the activities of the Ein Hemed Campus in Jerusalem.

Zahava Bogner
Zahava BognerCreative Director at Zatar Creative
I am a classically trained designer with over 25 years of experience. I hold a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, MO in both graphic design and fine art printmaking.

I LOVE what I do — the visual problem-solving, the client relationships, and the design process. I have had the privilege of working in a number of design areas (corporate identity, environmental design, print and business collateral, packaging, and site design) and with a wide variety of clients (corporate, health care, hi-tech, pharmaceutical, education, and non-profit). Some of my work has earned international acclaim.

Josh Boretsky
Josh BoretskyDirector of Resource Development at The Jerusalem Kollel
Rabbi Josh Boretsky is the Director of Resource Development for The Jerusalem Kollel- Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits’ super Kollel for preparing young Rabbanim. Rabbi Boretsky spent many years in Outreach, including co-running the Beit Medrash Program at Hebrew University and The Discovery Seminar. He then spent 7 years working for the Aish HaTorah branch in St Louis, primarily in campus outreach. Upon his return to Eretz Yisroel he and his wife ran the Jerusalem Fellowships, and later founded and ran JEWEL, Aish Hatorah’s Introductory Program for Women. Over most of that time, he was involved in raising funds for the various Programs he worked for, and at JEWEL, he was the sole fundraiser for 7 years. Today, with over 25 years of fundraising experience, he is also known for his inspirational Fundraising Seminars and private coaching in fundraising. Rabbi Boretsky was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and presently lives in Jerusalem.
Zev Brenner
Zev BrennerFounder and Radio Host at Talkline Communications
Zev J. Brenner is an Orthodox Jewish radio host and president and founder of Talkline Communications – a Radio/TV network founded in 1981. Brenner is known as one of the only Orthodox Jews in the United States who serves as a talk-show host.
Samuel Baruki Cohen
Samuel Baruki CohenEntrepreneur, Founder and CEO Madison Ventures
Baruki Cohen, is a seasoned entrepreneur who is active in a number of meaningful charities. Baruki grew up in Englewood NJ and attended the Frisch high school and Yeshiva University. He went on to start more than 5 successful companies including Madison Trading, Morningside Evaluations, Kensington Vanguard Title, Davis Mortgages, and DietMart.com. Baruki was also on the board of directors of Mishmeret Yesha and The Breslov Research Institute. Baruki currently lives in Jerusalem and is active in helping lone soldiers. He, his wife and five children host soldiers and actively work to make life in Israel easier for the lone soldiers.
Azi Cutter
Azi CutterCEO, AC Lion International
Azi Cutter, a natural-born networker, is CEO and founder of AC Lion. His passion is creating connections between people—in person and online. As the entrepreneurial spirit behind AC Lion’s success, he has guided AC Lion for over 10 years.
Edana Desatnick
Edana DesatnickExecutive Coach and Educator
Edana has over 20 years experience as a human capital and organization development, HR strategy, and leadership consultant, executive coach and educator. Edana works extensively with senior executives on their key talent, leadership and organizational issues across many industries including healthcare, professional/financial services, consumer, retail and industrial products industries.
Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
Rabbi Avraham EdelsteinCo-Founder and Director of the Ner LeElef Institute
Rabbi Avraham Edelstein is a founder and director of the Ner LeElef Institute for Leadership Training and a founder of and senior adviser to Morasha Olami. He sits on the boards of numerous Jewish educational organizations around the world. He writes extensively on the interface of Judaism and the modern world.
Penina Eichler
Penina EichlerPresident of Organizational Solutions
Penina Eichler, president of Organizational Solutions, a human resources consulting firm, advises her clients in all aspects of human resources, with an emphasis on implementing programs that increase performance, efficiency and profitability. Her work encompasses workforce planning, talent management, organizational development, change management, performance management and employee relations. She also conducts leadership, team building and employee training programs designed to improve employee satisfaction and organizational performance. Through the course of her career, Penina has had the opportunity and privilege to counsel, train and mentor scores of employees, including executive and management level personnel and has lectured to global audiences on various human resources topics. She holds a degree in Business, Management and Finance.
Ahron Glazer
Ahron GlazerCEO & Co-Founder; Blue Thread Marketing
After spending more than 10 years in Education and nonprofit management, Ahron now helps brands increase affinity and awareness among their consumer base and work to differentiate them from competitors. His other passions have led him internationally, where he ran educational and leadership training seminars and courses in Israel • Kharkov, FSU • and Poland, as well as Tikkun Olam programs in Nicaragua.
Simcha Gluck
Simcha Gluck
Here’s a little bit about SIMCHA GLUCK
● Chief Trainer & Co-Founder of FreshBiz Global – WWW.FRESHBIZGAME.BIZ #freshbizgame
● Author of “THE NEW ENTREPRENEURZ” book (http://www.amazon.com/The-New-Entrepreneurz-Changing-Play/dp/1118837606) – published by Wiley’s & Audible.
● International Trainer for the development of ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING
● Creator of the FreshBiz Training Kit for Teamwork, Leadership, Creativity & Innovation
Jon Goldman
Jon GoldmanCEO, Brand Launcher
Jon Goldman is chief executive officer of the business strategy firm Brand Launcher. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with experience presenting at conferences, conventions and expos. Mr. Goldman has worked with clients including Häagen-Dazs and National Geographic, and his campaigns have been featured in Business Week and The Wall Street Journal.
Zvi Gordon
Zvi GordonVice President, Mergers & Acquisitions & Chief of Staff, Gazit Globe
Zvi is Head of Mergers & Acquisitions and Chief of Staff at Gazit Globe, a global real estate investment firm with over $21 Billion USD of assets in 20 countries. Previously, Mr. Gordon was an Investment Professional at The Davis Companies; a Boston based Private Equity fund, where he focused on a broad range of value-add real estate investments. Mr. Gordon has additional experiences working at Goldman Sachs’, Equity One, and The Healthsearch Group. He also served in a leadership role for a ground forces combat unit in the Israel Defense Forces where he received the distinguished Soldier of Excellence Award.
Rabbi Yitz Greenman
Rabbi Yitz GreenmanExecutive Director of Aish New York
Rabbi Yitz Greenman studied political science and economics at Brandeis University and Hebrew University. He received his rabbinical ordination from Aish HaTorah. He is the founder and executive director of Aish HaTorah NY. Rabbi Greenman has been fundraising for more than 20 years and teaching fundraising for more than 15 years.
Yitty Gutner
Yitty GutnerManagement Consultant
Yitty Gutner is an executive-level manager with domestic and international experience in leading start-up, turnaround and change initiatives in both the public and private sectors. She has a record of reversing financial declines, escalating client satisfaction and creating an environment of enthusiastic morale, robust ethics and staff empowerment.
Ariel Halevi
Ariel HaleviFounder/Co-Owner Vayomar
Ariel founded VAYOMAR with Gur Braslavi. Ariel oversees the company’s business development and consults business executives of global enterprises.

Ariel holds a Master’s degree in Government specializing in National Security Studies and Counter-Terrorism from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Charlie Harary
Charlie HararyCEO of H3 & Co
Charlie is an international speaker who gives lectures and seminars on personal growth, entrepreneurship, social change, and spirituality. His online presence has reached hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Charlie is the radio show host of both WABC’s The Charlie Harary Show, as well as NSN’s The Boardroom. He also hosts the podcast Unlocking Greatness as well as the video show #TheAskCharlieShow.

He is a Clinical Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Syms School of Business in Yeshiva University and is the CEO of H3 & Co., an advisory firm based in New York.

Moshe Hecht
Moshe HechtChief Fundraising Specialist at Charidy
Moshe is an accomplished entrepreneur and impassioned team leader with 8 years of online marketing and communications experience. His passion lies at the intersection of technology and nonprofit innovation. Moshe is the COO of Charidy.com. He is invested in the continuing success of the company, leading the team and driving the company’s vision. Moshe mentors with purpose and understands that strong working relationships create great teams and produce exceptional results.
Naftali Jablin
Naftali JablinFounder and President of SNM Associates
Naftali Jablin, founder and president of SNM Associates, has over 30 years of proven experience in fundraising and development. His professional career spans the Federation world, yeshivas, day schools, synagogues and diverse Jewish organizations.

Openness, candor and sincerity are the hallmarks of his professional relationships. Involved “hands-on” in every project, Naftali Jablin and his associates work in close collaboration with every client. Strategic planning, high standards and professional integrity make each of his projects a notable success.

Zev Lanton
Zev LantonPersonal & Executive Life Coach
Rabbi Zev Lanton made Aliya to Israel in 2011 and currently works as a Coach ,Mentor and Consultant for
both profit and not-for-profit organizations.He holds a graduate degree in Educational Administration,
Rabbinic Ordination and is a certified” Personal and Professional Life Coach “accredited by Concordia
University Montreal.In addition he is one of the first certified coach /trainers for “Points of You “which
helps develop new perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking for leaders and organizations in 19 countries
David LeVine
David LeVineCEO of UncleBobsMoney.com
David LeVine is currently the CEO of UncleBobsMoney.com (an options trading service) and registered investment advisor with the SEC.

David has experience building and managing large websites since 1995, including: Aish.com (1998-2010), SpeedDating.com, HonestReporting.com, ASC-net.com (Pension Software), DietTV.com and JPost.com.

Avraham Lewis
Avraham LewisCEO, Avraham Lewis Consulting
Avraham founded his consultancy firm with a passion to help mosdos Torah raise more funds, more simply.

Since it’s inception, scores of founders and executive directors, from start ups to seasoned professionals, have raised millions of additional dollars using his clear and simple methodology.

With over a decade of fundraising experience for projects Common Denominator, Heritage House and Justifi, as well as an inborn talent for guiding individuals to achieve their goals, Avraham has become the go-to person for small and medium sized projects to take their fundraising to the next level.

Elliot Mathias
Elliot MathiasFounder and Director of Hasbara Fellowships
Elliot Mathias is the founder and director of Hasbara Fellowships, a leading pro-Israel campus activism organization working with more than 100 universities across North America. Elliot founded Hasbara Fellowships in 2001. Hasbara Fellowships trains and supports students on universities to defend and promote Israel, providing them with information, tools, materials and motivation to stand up to the wide range of anti-Israel activism and propaganda prevalent on university campuses. Elliot frequently speaks both on and off campus about topics relating to Israel, Israel activism and Jewish education.
Yehudi Meshchaninov
Yehudi MeshchaninovFounder of Leadership Labs NY
Yehudi Meshchaninov is the founder of Leadership Labs NY and the Director of Leadership Development for The New American Academy, an educational reform organization that works with public and charter schools in the tri-state area. His focus includes leadership development, talent management, and organizational agility. Yehudi is an AMA certified MBTI coach, conflict mediator, facilitator at Yeshiva University’s Office of School Partnerships leadership program, and a doctoral student at Columbia University. He is also a proud Millennial, Brooklynite, and improv fan.
Judah Mischel
Judah MischelExecutive Director of Camp HASC
Rav Judah Mischel is the Executive Director of Camp HASC and the founder of “Tzama Nafshi” – a non-profit start-up dedicated to developing educational initiatives in Israel and the Diaspora. Rav Mischel was also a Director of Programming at Yeshivat Reishit for many years, and previously taught at The Frisch School in Paramus, NJ, and Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem.
Rachel Moore
Rachel MooreDirector of Moore Connected Communications
Rachel Moore is the Founder and Director of Moore Connected Communications, and co-founder of Hub Etzion (a tech and entrepreneurial coworking space in Gush Etzion). She has been working in Communications for 20 years in Israel and the US, primarily within the Jewish-non-profit world. Rachel is a Board Member of ImaKadima, an organization in Israel promoting family-friendly workplaces. Her writing has appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Jewish Press, Business Magazine (Israel), Times of Israel, Ner L’elef, eJewish Philanthropy, The Israel Forever Foundation, and she blogs at www.ima2seven.com.
Eli Paley
Eli PaleyOwner of Mishpacha Media Group
Mr. Paley, an alumnus of Chevron Yeshiva, is owner of Mishpacha Media Group and publisher of the Mishpacha weekly magazine for the haredi sector, in Hebrew and English. He is a social entrepreneur and is chairman of the Paley Family Foundation which, supports and promotes Torah centers and social initiatives in the haredi community. A member of the Jewish Funder’s Network and active in several philanthropic organizations, he is also former board member of the presidium of the Israel Press Council.
Shimon H. Pepper
Shimon H. PepperPresident at Shimon H. Pepper and Associates
Shimon Pepper has extensive experience initiating and managing multimillion-dollar fundraising campaigns for Jewish nonprofit organizations. Prior to the establishment of his firm, Shimon served as an assistant vice president for the United Jewish Appeal and national director of Operation Exodus, a campaign that raised over $910 million.
Rabbi Benjamin Rapaport
Rabbi Benjamin Rapaport Author of the Jewish Art of Self-Discovery
Rabbi Benjamin Rapaport grew up in Great Neck, NY, the son of a famous surgeon and scientist; His six-month trip to Israel turned into a twenty-year career of study; Rabbi Rapaport received semicha ordination from Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood in 2002, taught in the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem for six years, and lectured at a number of introductory programs to Judaism; More recently, his activities have included graduate work in Clinical Sociology, and several years of clinical practice in counseling; Rabbi Rapaport lives with his family in Jerusalem, where he works with individuals and groups, helping them discover and develop their unique talents and abilities; He is the author of the Jewish Art of Self-Discovery, available on Amazon.
Jodi Samuels
Jodi SamuelsFounder at JMediaConnections & JDeal
Jodi Samuels is an experienced marketing professional with strengths in operations / project management, new venture start-up and strategic planning. She has an MBA with a concentration in marketing, finance and psychology degrees. Jodi is the founder of JMedia Connections, JDeal and Metroimma.com among other projects.
Jeffrey Schachter
Jeffrey SchachterPresident and COO at Crawford Lake Capital Management
Prior to joining Crawford Lake, Jeffrey Schachter was with New York-based Avet Capital Management, a long-short biotech hedge fund firm he co-founded with Norbert Gottesman from SAC Capital.

Prior to Avet, Jeffrey was co-founder and co-portfolio manager of Cedarview Capital Management, a credit fund with peak assets under management of $670 million. He also served as a managing director at Helios Advisors.

Ben Wiener
Ben WienerFounder Jumpspeed Ventures
Investing in early-stage ventures at my micro-fund, Jumpspeed Ventures.

I’m an entrepreneur-friendly venture enthusiast who co-founded my first startup in 1999. Between stints as a business development executive with a number of private equity ventures and startup companies, I was a Vice President of Business Development at IDT Corp. (NYSE: IDT), where I managed acquisition projects and established and managed a number of new corporate subsidiaries and startup ventures.

I started my professional career as a corporate lawyer in New York and Israel and as a Clerk on the Israel Supreme Court for Justice Yitzchak Zamir. I earned a B.A. in Economics from Yeshiva University, and a J.D. with honors from Columbia Law School.

Shmuel Zentman
Shmuel ZentmanChairman of the Board and acting CFO of Torah U'Masorah
Since 1980 Shmuel Zentman has been the president and chief executive officer of a privately held textile firm, where he also served as vice president of finance and administration from 1978 to 1980. From 1973 to 1978, he served in various capacities at American Motors Corporation.
Joe van Zwaren
Joe van Zwaren Co-Founder of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum
Joe van Zwaren co-founded JBNF, Jerusalem’s largest business networking forum; it has 2,500 small business and hi-tech business members and about 550 members in bio-med and life science. JBNF focuses on building up Jerusalem’s ecosystem to accelerate business and find jobs. On average, JBNF organizes a meeting every three weeks with key people from the Israeli or international hi-tech and life-science scene and do a lot of networking for lead generation and business matchmaking.